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Blogathon 2013!


Now that Navdeep’s wrapped up his spring classes and I’ve quit my daily blogging gig (after nearly four years!), we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. Well, that is, besides listing our apartment, writing our various and sundry novels, hanging out with the tot, plotting a camping trip, cooking up a storm and finally making time to see our friends and family. Oh yeah, and the big goal — revamping and revitalizing

So Michelle Rafter’s annual month-long WordCount Blogathon couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s just the kick in the pants we need to make Ishq live and breathe again. We’ve long been pondering an action infusion on Ishq — making the transition from being the Backpacking couple to an urban family with itchy feet.

As part of this, we’re launching the illustrious Mission Ishq — our challenge to more fully explore New York City, since we live just minutes away. We’re planning (mostly free!) kid-friendly mini-adventures with Kavya throughout the summer — from Shakespeare in the Park to our own customized eating tours throughout the city. (Kathi rolls on MacDougal Street anyone?) Want to learn more about it? Head to our Mission Ishq page and offer up your suggestions for what we should do!

Our goals for the Blogathon are ambitious (as always). Here’s just a taste of what we hope to accomplish through the challenge:

-To post daily, getting into the habit of writing fun, thoughtful takes on our adventures — both local and far, far away.

-To create a library of throwback posts that whisk you away on our adventures in India, Hawaii, Mexico and other amazing places.

-To reach out to and connect with other travelers and readers, here on the site and through social media. Want to connect with us? Find us on Facebook and Twitter! And Pinterest, too!

-To introduce and really ramp up Mission Ishq — making the most of our awesome summer in the city.

Gluttons that we are, Navdeep and I will also be doing the 30-day Blogathon challenge on both of our own blogs — and we’ve even convinced Pappari (AKA Navdeep’s dad, Pashaura Singh Dhillon) to join us on our blogging endeavor!

Are you doing the WordCount Blogathon? What are your goals for the challenge? And where are your itchy feet taking you this summer?

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