Mission Ishq

Mission Ishq is the result of a conversation I had with Sona two weeks ago. She got cravings for fried chicken, so we did what normal, responsible parents would do in this situation: we took the train to Harlem and ate like mofos. In the six years we’ve lived as a couple in New York City, this was the first time I’d been to Harlem and the only place in the City where I’ve eaten fried chicken and not said, “Tastes just like the kind you get at Popeye’s.” On our way back, Sona says, “that was fun.” And I say, “We should do it again.” So, this year, that’s what we’re going to do.

When Kavya was born in 2010, it didn’t take us long to introduce her to the City, with outings to places that have now become her stomping grounds, like Union Square and the Village. In February, another little human is going to debut, and it’ll be fun to explore new and old stomping grounds. If you have suggestions or want to join the party: #ishqnyc. That’s a hashtag and not the pound sign on your phone, just in case that’s where you were going with it.

If the list below looks finished, that means you’ve just slept through 2014. Or we’ve suddenly become extremely organized. Most likely it’s the first one though.



Mission Ishq: We going to Brooklyn, Yo.  

Mission Ishq:


Mission Ishq: