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Photo Friday: Yapping It Up!

Yapping it up

Yapping it up

Even before Kavya was able to properly form words, one of her favourite things to do in the City was have conversations. Planes. Cars. Trains. Buses. Shops. Restaurants. Strangers. Family. Friends. Dogs. Furniture. It ‘s all the same to her. As long as she isn’t busy. Now she can convey complex thoughts like, “Papa, you told me you would bake me chocolate-chip cookies and give me five chips to eat before, but you only gave me four.” New Yorkers, Jerseyites, Californians. Nobody is safe from her wrath.

A few weekends ago, we were on our way back to Jersey City on the PATH Train, which was pretty packed. There’s an empty seat next to this middle aged Chinese woman, and the train starts moving, so the lady takes Kavya’s hand and keeps her arm across Kavya’s front to make sure she doesn’t topple over. Kavya immediately starts talking to her like they’ve known each other for years, about necklaces, her favourite colors, Sofia the First, Strawberry Shortcake, and she lets her know vital information about our family, like the allegation that I hate Dora and have banned her from the house. “Lies,” I want to tell this woman. “This little human is a big liar who can’t be trusted to put her shoes on the right feet.”┬áThe woman smiled mostly and kept saying, “Bu mingbai,” I don’t understand. Think the language barrier stopped Kavya? Too right it didn’t. She talked at the woman the whole ride, until she got off at Newport.

The photo above is at a petshop in Chelsea we were walking by, on our way to go bowling because we’re professionals. She stops and puts her face right next to the glass. One dog couldn’t handle the intense conversation and sauntered off. But this dog decided to stay for a gab. Barriers like language, social protocol don’t make any difference to her because everybody understands the language of Kavya. They talked about princes and princesses, and swapped tips on the best hairstyles. Apparently, the dog said he doesn’t like braids, which explains the natural look.

Happy Photo Friday everyone, and happy conversations!

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