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Planning A Secret Trip for Navdeep

Back when we were in the thick of planning our Hawaii trip, I was already in vacation withdrawal. I knew that all too soon it would all be over — the anticipation, the relaxation, the joy. It would be back to the same old, same old (not that life here in Jersey City isn’t awesome!), with nothing specific to look forward to.

So way back in November, before we even took off, I started planning a secret trip for Navdeep and I. It was actually instigated by the citing of an unbelievable deal on that offered up a posh room right smack dab in the thick of things in an amazing city (no, not New York), plus like a gazillion dollars in food credits. Okay, not a gazillion. But a lot. It was too good a deal, especially given that Navdeep had never been to said city (but always wanted to check it out) and that I had and loved it.

So I went ahead and bought the deal. Without telling him. For a long time, I didn’t even tell him there was anything at works. But then, slowly, slowly, my big secret started to unravel. I’d initially hoped to book the trip as a spring break getaway. That meant actually figuring out when Navdeep’s spring breaks were (since he teaches at two universities, they’re off at separate times) and whether there was any overlap that would make this feasible.

So, to do this, I had to reveal a little bit of my plot. Not the where — but the when, at least. Navdeep was thrilled and dying off curiosity. We had a conversation at that point about whether I should reveal my grand plan. But I decided no, I would keep it a fabulous, simmering secret.

But when I called the hotel to book the trip, it turns out they were full up for the week Navdeep was off. Alas, that meant pushing our adventure off a bit longer. And we all know how well I do with long-term secrets.

Anyway, it sort of worked out — I’ve now booked the secret trip to begin on May 31, the day we wed in Vegas nearly seven years ago! That’s pretty serendipitous, right? Or maybe that’s not the right word. But I like it. Anyway, it will be an anniversary celebration, and our first trip that’s just the two of us since Kavya was born. So I have high expectations.

And as for Navdeep, well, he’s still dying of curiosity! Let’s see how long the secret lasts.

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