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Photo Friday: Going Bonkers at the Gilroy Garlic Festival!

The Gilroy Garlic Festival

Garlic Man to the Rescue!

As soon as we heard about this festival, we knew we had to go. I like garlic. Sona likes garlic. And that’s pretty much all there is t it. Since we were already married, having stinky garlic breath was also not a hindrance. We had major plans to stink it up. And boy did we ever. I skipped the pseudo garlic stuff, like onion rings that have been mildly rubbed with garlic, and went straight for things like garlic fries, garlic ice-cream, pungent garlic flavored prawns. Sona wouldn’t go near them because they reminded her of insects (as do many things), but they were delicious!

How is your Friday going?

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