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Video: It’s the Punjabi Cheese Man at Mandi Mania at the Mohali Farmer’s Market!

Mohali is very suburban, with parks, and a lovely rose garden for walks, as well as a small shopping complex with a Pizza Hut. So we were pretty surprised to see a farmer’s market in full swing on a walk to the park with my cousins, who live there. Our days were usually spent lounging in the house, going on walks to absolutely nowhere, or getting the fuck out of Mohali by public bus, shared auto rickshaw, or with extreme haggling a normal rickshaw by getting to Chandigarh, where all the action is. Relatively speaking. We went for a walk with my cousins in what turned out to be a grocery run. Mohali turned out to have a pretty kickass mandi – open air farmer’s market, with two very knowledgeable and entertaining paneer connoisseurs – a very desi cheese that goes beyond just mutter-paneer, which is Sona’s favourite dish. Unless someone puts cream in it. Then that person, and his/her restaurant will go on Sona’s shit list. And you do not want to be there. It’s a dangerous, dark, and scary place to be.

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