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Video: Cursing in Quebecois!

I’ve always found swearing/cursing/using “inappropriate” language the best way to learn about a culture and a language in a way no textbook or language course can prepare you. Swearing in India generally goes straight for the mothers and sisters, the ultimate form of insult where sometimes you don’t even need to use an actual swear word. “Teri ma ki,” for example, simply means “Of your mother.” It’s an unfinished thought and enough to get you beaten up or worse.

On a recent trip to Canada, I met up with an old friend from China at a bar (where else?), who gave me the run-down of swearing in Quebecois (don’t ever call it French or Canadian French). It is fascinating that all of their swearing revolve primarily around religion. She also recommended a movie called “Bon Cop/Good Cop” which gives a great breakdown of swearing in Quebecois akin to George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.”

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