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Photo Friday: Sona Burning a Tortilla in Mexico (the Usual)

Sona, the tortilla burner

Sona, the tortilla burner

When Sona first told me she’d booked a week long cooking honeymoon to Puebla, Mexico, I thought it was going to be a bit dull. But it was so much fun. After getting to Mexico City, we took a bus to Puebla, navigated the subway system to the airport on the way back, and even took a quick trip to El Popo, an active volcano.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Mesones Sacristia, with a dark blue exterior, large archways, and gorgeously designed rooms. We got breakfast in bed – my favorite was chillaquilles with a large glass of jugo de tornonja – grapefruit juice. The cooking school was pretty awesome, down the stairs from our room. We learned how to make everything from tortillas, sauces, margaritas, and Puebla’s signature dish: Mole Poblano.

I thought Mole was a just a sauce, but it’ more like a complete meal blended into a delicious sauce, that’s then lathered into another meal. Everyone was really friendly, and one of the chefs at the cooking school even went with us to a Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling Smackdown that I was super stoked about going to.

In the photo above, Sona almost burned down the kitchen by intentionally setting fire to a tortilla. Sona keeps claiming that this is part of the recipe, but I think this photo is pretty self-evident.

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