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Photo Friday: Our Big, Fat, Desi Wedding!

Photo Friday: Our Big, Fat, Desi Wedding!

Our Big, Fat, Desi Wedding!

For our first official post, we thought what better way to start things off than with a photo from our Big, Fat, Desi wedding! We’d like to tell you the significance of what we’re doing in this photo, but the truth is none of us know. It’s such a fun photo though, especially Sona’s dad off on the side, smiling away.

We had the Sikh ceremony in the morning, where we knew what was going on, and assumed Sona’s family understood what was happening during the Hindu ceremony. It turns out, nobody understood the ceremony because it was in a language nobody in attendance spoke: Gujarati. And there were cultural aspects of the wedding ceremony only found in Gujarati weddings, like women whispering wedding night secrets to Sona, or having a screen between our families until the marriage was official. When me and my parents found out we weren’t the only ones completely clueless, we thought it was hilarious.

Sona’s Mamaji (maternal uncle), who lives down the street from Sona’s parents in New Jersey had booked the Pandit, and joked later he’d gotten a discount because he only spoke Gujarati.

The wedding went down just like a good ole fashioned Indian wedding should: plenty of dramebaazi, drunk ass people making drunk ass speeches, a horse, baraat, dhol, vigorous bhangra-ing, but at its heart was me and Sona becoming one.

Since I don’t actually know what happened during the Hindu ceremony, here’s a lovely translation of a quote from the Guru Granth Sahib, the central religious text for Sikhs: “They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies.” (Guru Amar Das, Pauri, page 788)

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