Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Artistic Rendering of What it’s Like to be a Papa. Again.

Being a Papa


Since people have been asking me what it’s like to be a Papa again, I thought instead of using words (sooo 1990), I’d use a visual depiction with Kavya’s help. She’s an artist. The portrait she drew on the top-left is pretty realistic – my legs have indeed started growing out of my neck, and I was wondering about that throbbing pain in the side of my jaws. I’ve also lost several fingers and WHERE DID MY MASSIVE MUSCLES GO??????? Also, is that a sun visor or a dress in front of my face?

Happy Friday everyone! It’s incredibly chilly outdoors and with the new baby, we’ve decided to stay indoors and hang. Cookies and spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate will be involved. How’s your Friday going?

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