Ishq Explained

What is Ishq?

Ishq is one of those words that has no direct English translation. Some feel substituting the word “love,” is a reasonable effort at translation, which is the difference between eating a dog and eating a hot dog. The cognate for “love,” is the word, “piar,” a measured emotion that can be used with abandon. You can love your parents, a celebrity, a movie, ice cream, samosas, or a significant other, but never your soulmate. There’s nothing all that special about piar. It’s a conditional form of “like,” and the sincerity of it gets confusing when you have to ask if it’s “like-like,” or just “like.” There is no ambiguity with Ishq. If you have ishq for ice cream or samosas, you’ve got some real problems. Ishq is an intense, Shakespearean tragedy type of love that defies logic and rationality. Ishq is what I felt for Sona the first time she wrote me an email that began our whirlwind romance. And ishq is the overriding emotion that fueled our totally impractical six month honeymoon through India, as well as our continued honeymoons, both big and small, all over the world.

When we took our first trip as a couple in 2007, we created this site as a way to keep our family informed, and were pleasantly surprised that so many people liked what we had to say. Back then our tagline was, “a honeymoon adventure.” Then it changed to “the backpacking couple.” We took an incredibly long break from blogging once Kavya, our fiesty daughter was born because we had a tough decision to make: to rebrand Ishq and keep it going or to pack it in. Fortunately, we decided we wanted to keep it going and we are now and will always be a travel mad mum and dad. We’ve decided to let ishq run as amok as it can when you have a three-year-old daughter and live in America where health insurance isn’t free.  We are flashpackers for the time being, but always with the goal of experiencing a country from the inside out: experiential travel.