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Foto Friday: Lucy, the Elephant’s Bum Everyone!

Foto Friday: Lucy the Elephant's Bum in Atlantic CityOver the summer, we were driving up to Atlantic City one weekend to go hang out at the beach and eat some epic Pho when Kavya started talking about bottoms. I don’t know what they’re teaching her at this daycare of hers! At first it was just the word, “butt” that would get her into hysterics, guffawing in the back, her arms and limbs trapped in the car seat. Then it escalated to “Turtle butts,” and as soon as I casually asked if she’d like to see an elephant butt, it was like someone had given her a box of tiaras and puppies. There’s high pitch laughter and then there’s elephant butt laughter. So, we skipped our usual first stop of heading straight to the beach or down Atlantic Avenue for some delicious off the strip food, and zoomed past the fancy pant houses to find this elusive elephant butt. And was it as memorable as we hoped it would be? You bet. And when Kavya found out we would get to climb into this butt because it was a house, she was ecstatic. That was $4 well spent. We’ll write a proper post on it later, with photos of the inside and maybe even the not-butt photos. Maybe.

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