Four Airports with Free Wifi

I was pretty ambivalent about the Continental and United merger that took place in 2010. Even when we couldn’t check in online to the first leg of our flight from Newark, New Jersey to Fresno, California because Continental claimed that flight was on United, and United claimed it was on Continental. I figured we’d sort it out over the phone, or worse case, in person. When we finally managed to get through to agents at both United and Continental via telephone, the best either of them could say was, “We can’t access the flight information because that flight is on Continental/United. But I do see you have seats. So I wouldn’t worry about it.” Guess what happened the next morning when we tried checking in at 5:40 a.m. for our 7a.m. flight?

Instead of playing the daft game on the phone, we ended up playing it in person shuffling back and forth from tweedle-dee at the Continental counter and tweedle-dum on the United counter. End result: we were stuck at Newark International for five hours, and then had an eight hour layover in Los Angeles which is loads of fun with a ten month old. We weren’t offered meal coupons, or even a “sorry.” But aside from the flight situation, I was also annoyed that neither LAX or Newark had free wifi (they cost $8 for the daily rate, and I didn’t bother looking to see how much the monthly service was).So, I decided to do one of the few things I could do without my internet: compile a list of airports we had been to that had free wifi on Microsoft Word. Here they are:

1. Denver International Airport (Denver, CO)
2. McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV)

3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix, AZ)

4. Yosemite International Airport (Fresno, California)


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