Photo Friday: Maui, the Land of Rainbows

Mauii, the Land of Rainbows

Mauii, the Land of Rainbows

I never thought of myself as the sort of person who would stop everything just to look at a rainbow. Turns out, that’s exactly the sort of bloke I am. Even Sona and her brother and sister, who are committed to not relaxing, had no choice but to chill out. Our second day in Mauii, we briefly trespassed into someone’s driveway just to get a view of a gorgeous rainbow. Then quickly ran away in case the owner came out and offered us Spam. Of the three islands in Hawaii we visited, Mauii is the one we have much love for, and as this photo from the airport shows, it has love for us too. We got so used to seeing rainbows from the moment we arrived, on the Road to Hana, on the beach in Paia, watching them from our guesthouse, that we did the unthinkable: we enjoyed them all to ourselves, without immortalizing them on our iPhones. We skipped the million rainbows we saw on the crystal clear water and beautiful sandy beaches, to bring you this one at the car rental parking lot of the Mauii Airport, moments before we flew to Big Island.

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