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A Late Night Papa-Daughter Outing in NYC for Indian-Latino Tacos at Taco-Mahal!

Sona has been posting about this Indian-Latin fusion place called Taco-Mahal for weeks. The conversation always goes the same. She’ll post a delicious photo or video on instagram or twitter or Facebook or via text message or group chat. It’s followed by everyone on the chat using various drooling or heart-eyed emoticons to signify how enamored they are with the food. And it did look delicious: a fluffy naan wrapped with some sort of juicy desi meat dish. Some of her friends…

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My 75-year-old Dad Reads the Young Adult Novel, “Tiny Pretty Things” by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton in Puerto Rico

On Tuesday, the first Cake Literary project, Tiny Pretty Things, officially had its book launch (May 26!) and it has been a blur since. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three days! The novel is no longer an abstract idea, it’s real and in bookstores all over the world. Go to one. You’ll find it! Take a photo of it and hashtag it #TinyPrettyThings. Read a mini-review of it as well as a list of some fantastic novels with diversity to read…

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Insider Tips for International Pillow Fight Day From UFC Pillow Warriors in NYC

We went to the tenth annual International Pillow Fight Day last Saturday, armed with pillows, and putting to use our expert pillow fighting skills. It was a lot of fun! You would think that in a place like New York City, where you never know who could be lurking around the corner with a pillow ready to start a fight, fundamental pillow warfare classes would be easy to find. But they’re not. Many people believe pillow fighting is a harmless activity because that’s…

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Workshop on Cultural Supremacy in Travel Media at The New York Travel Festival!

Here's a description of the workshop I will be facilitating, along with Jeta from Global Lipstick, and Sandra Guzman: “Who gets to tell the world's stories? This workshop will lead to a better understanding of how white cultural supremacy dictates the prism through which we view places, experiences, and people. We will discuss how to more accurately and respectfully represent different communities and cultures, rather than reinforcing existing paradigms of cultural supremacy and power. This is an extension of a recent…

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Moments Matter: Building In Downtime In Puerto Rico

Planning our ten-day trip to Puerto Rico this winter, we knew we’d be trying to cram a lot of activity into a short jaunt: the history of Old San Juan, the bioluminescent bay, lots of lechon, the rainforest hikes of El Yunque, and of course the beach. And with just four days in San Juan, we knew it was going to be jam-packed — the two big forts, all the cafes, the museums and historical sites. With two kids in…

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